Annual Home Maintenance

We are well into spring now and like an annual health check-up, keeping on top of the yearly maintenance of your home is essential. So what should you be checking to make sure your home is in tip top shape?

Firstly, examine your home’s exterior. Look for signs of weather corrosion and potential pest problems, and pay attention to the paintwork, foundations and driveway of your home. Don’t forget to check the roof for damage or leaks!

Do a complete backyard overhaul – this means flushing outdoor taps and hoses, clearing the gutters, aerating your lawn and weeding and mulching the garden

When it comes to the interior, ensure appliances and fixtures are in proper working condition. Deep clean the windows, carpet and upholstery, clean the air-conditioner filters and check your smoke alarm batteries.

Don’t forget to get the hot water system serviced!

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Annual Home Maintenance