Multiple offers!

It’s an exciting dilemma to have but how do you decide which offer to choose?

PRICE – the highest bidder will get your attention but don’t automatically sign over your property without thoroughly reviewing the contract with your agent…

Is the offer cash or does the buyer need a mortgage? A buyer with preapproved finance is stronger than one without approval. And remember cash is still king!

What about contingencies? Those conditions that, if not met, are a get out clause for the buyer. Mortgage approval, sale of home, value appraisal, inspections… The fewer there are, the less likely the buyer will pull out of the contract

Length of settlement – what timescale suits you best? You may find you are willing to accept a lower price to move more quickly.

And don’t forget your agent is there to help you weigh up the pros and cons of each offer so you can sign the contract that’s best for you!

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Multiple offers!