Selling a unique home.

When selling a home that is unusual or unique, it’s important to attract the right buyers. Focus on what makes your property unique and invest in professional photography and video. Stage your home. It’s worth the cost, especially if your property has an unusual layout. Allowing buyers to see how properties can work helps them imagine their own furniture in the space.

Speak to agents that have a database for these types of homes and that are social media savvy. A good agent will leverage social media, as well as contacting media outlets to get extra exposure on your home. A VIP Home open can create a sense of exclusivity that makes those who are invited or who register feel extra special.
One of a kind homes can be hard to price. With little in the area to compare to, you need to rely on the agent’s expertise. Look at what properties have sold for in other areas, as well as how much in demand the uniqueness of your property is.

Our agents at SLP have a wealth of experience in all aspects of real estate. Contact them today for an obligation free appraisal on your home.

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Selling a unique home.