Your Guide To Selling - Useful Hints And Tips!

Step 1

Is selling the right decision for me?

People sell their homes and businesses for many different reasons. Some people sell because they are upgrading to a more spacious home or downsizing to a smaller, more manageable one. Some people sell because they are relocating for work, school or simply for a change in lifestyle, while others decide they need to sell for financial or personal reasons.

Whatever your reason is for selling, we understand, and you can be assured that we have successfully handled several situations like yours previously.

Step 2

Is there a “right time” to sell?

Many sellers ask themselves whether there is a "right time" or a "wrong time" to sell their property. The quick answer is "Yes", but perhaps not for the reason you think.

The real estate market is constantly changing and unpredictable. Consequently, it’s hard to say with any certainty that a seller should wait for the market to improve because that seller could be waiting for a long time. Even if it does improve, it could "bottom out" again without warning. Remember, that if your property goes up in value by 5% in the next 6 months, the next property you decide to buy may also increase by 5% or more, so the question really is have you benefited by waiting? Can anyone honestly predict what the market will be like in 6 months with any certainty? Probably not!

So, the "right time" to sell is probably as simple as being when you feel you are ready! To help with this, consult with family members for their opinion. Take the time to look at your property and ask if there are any repairs you would like to do before going to market. Finally, ask yourself if you are ready to make the move in the next few months?

If you are unsure about when to sell and you would just like to have a friendly, confidential chat about your situation with a qualified professional, that's fine. Call us and we can arrange a suitable time to visit you at home and we promise not to pressure you into making any decision immediately.

If, on the other hand, you are ready to sell now, simply click this link: Appraisal Request Form and add your property details. Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 94 77 77 and tell us your suburb name and we will connect you to your local area Sell Lease Property specialist consultant who will organise everything for you!

Step 3

How do I choose the right Real Estate Agency and Property Consultant?

Choosing the right real estate agency is critical. First, be sure you check that the company, like Sell Lease Property, is an accredited member of a leading industry professional body like REIWA or REIQ. Real Estate Institutes exist in each state. This ensures that your agent will meet the minimum professional standards of training, skill and professionalism. It's also a good idea to check that the agency has access and membership to the best industry-standard marketing tools including Sell Lease Property employs fully trained staff registered with the Department of Commerce, which is the regulatory body for the real estate industry in Western Australia & Queensland, and we meet all of the standards mentioned above.

Just as important as choosing the right company, is choosing the right Property Consultant to do the job because it is your consultant who personally manages the sale from start to finish. Selling a property is like taking a taxi journey: it’s no good calling a taxi from the best known or biggest local taxi firm if the driver they send you doesn’t know the way or is prepared to take risks on the road. Your property is the most valuable asset you own. Your property consultant plays a major role in the successful sale of your property so it is important that you feel you can trust them to act in your best interests at all times and negotiate the best deal on your behalf. Choosing the right consultant will ensure that you arrive at your destination stress-free and happy with the result. Ask your Sell Lease Property consultant the following questions about their performance in selling properties locally and they will be happy to discuss them with you:

  • How accurate is your sale price compared to your appraisal price?
  • How many properties have you sold recently?
  • What is the average number of days your properties spend on the market before they sell?
  • How many offers do you usually get on a property?
  • Do you write up and present to me all offers?
  • How well do you work in conjunction with other local agents if they have an interested buyer for my property?

If a property consultant can't or won't discuss these basic questions, perhaps you should think twice about using them! Every Sell Lease Property consultant will be more than happy to discuss these essential topics with you. Finally, ask to see references from previous clients and ask to see examples of some recent sales.

What is a commission?

Every professional deserves to be paid for their hard work and for achieving good results and property consultants are like any other professional in this respect. Commission fees are negotiable: they can either be a fixed amount that is agreed in advance between the consultant and the seller or they can be a percentage of the final sale price. While they are negotiable, however, that does not mean that the cheapest property consultant will provide the same quality of service as the most expensive. Like anything else, you only get what you pay for! A hard working consultant will skillfully prepare your property for the market and ensure that it presents at its best to potential buyers by using a quality marketing package; they will fully test the market and get the highest price by encouraging as many offers as possible; they will be prepared to work long and often unsociable hours; they will communicate with you regularly so you are fully informed of the wholesale process each step of the way; they will ensure that you are not disturbed by "time-wasters" and they will work in conjunction with every other local agent to ensure you get the best buyer for your property. This is the minimum standard that we at Sell Lease Property stand by and it by following these standards that we achieve better results than our competitors.

Finally, when you employ a Sell Lease Property consultant you can rest assured that you are effectively employing every other local agent too. Every good consultant will offer to “conjunct” with other consultants including those from other agencies. This means that if a different consultant from another agency has a buyer who is interested in your property, your consultant will offer to share their commission with the other consultant if their buyer makes an offer that you accept. Avoid agents who are greedy about sharing their commission because they may be rejecting a buyer who will offer you the best price for your property. Instead, always use an agent who will find you the best buyer by offering to agree to work with other agents fairly and openly. When we at Sell Lease Property list a new property for sale, not only do we happily agree to conjunct with other agents, we actively encourage it because we believe that is the only way to act in the seller's best interests every time!

What will my property consultant do for me?

The Appraisal/Listing

At Sell Lease Property we understand that if you haven't sold a property for a while, you may not be familiar with the selling process. Before going to market, your consultant will advise you on a realistic selling price for your property by giving you a complete and professional property appraisal. During the appraisal, your consultant will show you examples of other local properties that have sold recently and also some similar properties that are currently for sale in your area. This information and discussion will help you decide on a realistic sale price to aim for. Then, when offers come in, it is entirely your decision whether to accept them or not.

Marketing and Advertising

Once you have decided to sell your property, your consultant will contact potential buyers on the agency database to alert them of the listing in case they wish to view it immediately. They will also organise all the marketing and advertising for your property so that gets maximum exposure to buyers who are looking in that price range. They will organize professional photography or a video, a For Sale sign, brochures and leaflets, floor plans, Internet and newspaper advertising, weekday and weekend private viewings and open inspections.

Negotiating the best price

Your property consultant is experienced in negotiating and they will advise you on the best tactics and strategies to use at different stages in the selling process. Before the first potential buyer visits your property, discuss with your consultant the issues you are prepared to negotiate on and the issues that you will not negotiate on. This discussion is not only about price, it covers all your needs including whether you want a long or quick settlement and any items you are prepared to include in the sale price. Remember that for a skilled property consultant, negotiation does not mean the same as a compromise and Sell Lease Property consultants will never compromise on getting you the best deal possible.

Drawing up the sale contract

Your consultant is responsible for the contractual aspects of selling your property. They will make sure that all legally required information is gathered from official sources. They will also ensure that all clauses in the contract have appropriate deadlines, are legally valid and apply to your specific property. Finally, your consultant will follow each the contract deadlines every step of the way and will communicate with you regularly to ensure you are kept fully in the picture so that the road to settlement is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Step 4

How do I prepare my property to show it at its best?

What is “Curb Appeal”?

For buyers, first impressions are lasting impressions! The first thing a potential buyer sees is the outside of your home, this is what’s called "curb appeal". What they see from the curb will help them decide whether your property looks right for them. Remember also that the first photo on the Internet is also usually the “curb appeal” photo. So, naturally, it’s important to do whatever you can to make a big first impression! Useful tips include:

  • Trim hedges, mow the lawn and sweep up leaves
  • Remove weeds from flowerbeds, add some mulch and plant fresh flowers
  • Clear paths and driveways of weeds and clutter
  • Have a window cleaner clean your windows
  • If necessary, touch-up any painted areas with a fresh coat of paint

How do I prepare my kitchen?

The kitchen and dining area are generally considered to be among the most important areas in any home. They are the “heart of the home” where we prepare meals, eat together, socialise and generally spend a lot of time both on our own and with family and guests. As such, having a clean and tidy kitchen can often make or break the sale of a property. Tips include:

  • De-clutter the bench-tops by removing everything that is unnecessary. Crowded appliances, containers and ornaments can look unattractive. Make sure bench-tops are sparkling clean.
  • De-clutter your kitchen cabinets and make them appear orderly. Not every buyer will open your cabinets, but you can be sure the ones that do are very interested in buying. Stack canned goods, place boxed items neatly and clean all shelf surfaces.
  • Make sure that the sink area is clean and tidy.
  • Many buyers will gauge the overall appeal of your property by how attractive your kitchen is!

What else should I de-clutter and tidy?

As far as possible, make sure the house is always ready for an unexpected visit. Make an early start on packing by tidying up, boxing and storing things that will not be needed for the next month or so. Get the children involved and ask them which toys they want to keep out and which ones they can do without for a while. A house without clutter is easier for you to clean and tidy and prepare for inspections. It also makes the property look brighter, more spacious and more appealing to buyers.

Why is it important to de-personalise my home?

De-personalising your property is important for two reasons. First, and most important, it helps potential buyers to imagine what the property will look like with their belongings in it. If they can imagine living there, they are more likely to make you an attractive offer to buy it. Second, it allows you to make an early start packing up those family treasures. Tips include:

  • Remove personal photos or pictures and any unnecessary "personal" furnishings
  • Remove posters from the walls of children’s rooms

How should I prepare my property for viewings?

If you go for a job interview, naturally you try to look your best. It's the same principle with viewings. They are “interviews” for your property. Tips include:

  • Ensure everything is clean and tidy
  • Make sure the house is free from unpleasant from cooking smells
  • Drop the pets off at the neighbour's or a friend’s house during the viewing
  • Add a vase of flowers and a few popular magazines to the living room
  • Pop to the shops and leave your property consultant to do the viewing alone

In general, please remember the following:

  • Work with your consultant; they are trying to achieve the best outcome for you!
  • Be transparent and open about your property. Tell your consultant everything he or she needs to know to get the best price for you
  • Make yourself available for weekly updates with your consultant so they can keep you fully informed of progress
  • Help your consultant by keeping your property as ready as possible for viewings and try not to be too choosy about times potential buyers can view it
  • Trust your consultant to work in your best interests and let them take on the stress of selling your home for you. That’s what you’re paying them for!
  • Selling with Sell Lease Property will give you the very best of selling experiences and we are just a phone call away!