Crucial to anyone’s role is feeling like you have the support necessary to be the best you can be.

At Sell Lease Property we ensure that everyone has access to other partners in the business. Our Ideas Factory facilitates the meeting of fellow entrepreneurial minds to share ideas, celebrate achievements and motivate success.

Your Licensee

Your Licensee is employed full time only to facilitate the compliance and licensing requirements of each and every file.  This means he isn’t competing with you for listings or undermining your marketing by hearding all the incoming inquiries only his way.

Your Licensee is available for any guidance 24/7 for any aspect of real estate and is there for all Property Consultants for any advice they need. The Licensee is also responsible for keeping you abreast of industry changes, and improving systems and process to ensure our software supports your business growth with innovative sales strategies and proactive marketing campaigns.

Support Partners

Your allocated Support Partner is available to assist with any aspect real estate transactions, but primarily deals with the procedures of the office and technology used, property marketing and advertising and ensuring that everyone has all the support and tools they need. Your Support Partner will become instrumental to you to assist with any new listing processing, under offer processing, submission and costing of advertising, and any advice on any procedures within the office. Just as the name suggests, your Support Partner coordinates a number of time consuming functions on your behalf so you can get on with doing what you do best, getting listings and selling property.

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Moving with the times is a very important part of ensuring that you can continue to earn income into the future in real estate. Sell Lease Property embrace technology, we strive to ensure that all Property Consultants are provided with state of the art tools.

The SLP Workhub

The listing and selling tools available at Sell Lease Property are designed to increase the volume and quality of your communication with your clients. In sales it’s simple: quality contacts pay in the long run.

Our CRM gives you tools to automate your follow up and to improve the tone, design and intelligence of your emails, letters and reports. More quality follow up means more sales. More sales means more $$ for you.

Notify all your past appraisals each time you list a property
Notify all your past appraisals each time you sell a property
Notify all buyers once you’ve sold a property
Communicate with your whole database in one hit.

With the ability to send these communications to groups of people in one hit, by either email, SMS or letter, it provides all the options to put you in front of the competition with keeping in touch with your clients.

Sell Lease Property software, driven with the assistance of your Support Partner, will enhance your productivity greatly. This will allow you to do what you do best, getting listings and sales.

Powerful Marketing

 High impact and targeted campaigns are specifically designed to assist in your success. Corporate marketing and VPA all allow the highest possible exposure for you and your clients.

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