What our Clients Have to Say


    I would recommend Nola Tully to anyone. She was very upfront about my house and the selling process. Nola was helpful and friendly. She answered my calls promptly. It all happened very quickly as Nola sold my property within a few days!

    Jo-Anne, 08 August 2017


    I was satisfied with the service provided by Andrew Fender. At the end of the day he sold my property and the campaign he organized ran well.

    Sarah, 08 August 2017


    Overall Magda was good. She went out of her way with home opens - opening over public holidays/long weekends for example. She told potential buyers the features of the home. She always kept me informed as to what was happening.

    Sharon, 07 August 2017


    We felt so fortunate to have found Helena Williams to handle the sale of the property. We gave her a difficult task. It was a deceased estate and we needed a maximum price achieved in the shortest time possible. After only one home open we had an offer. Helena sold the property within a week and at a price which was more than we expected. It couldn't have gone better. It was almost like Helena had a mini auction going on with interested buyers! She was organized and did exactly what we asked of her.

    Lance, 04 August 2017


    Mike was the 4th or 5th agent I spoke to about selling my property. Unlike the others he listened to me and cut through all the crap. He was extremely proactive and listened to me. He said what he thought and sold within 2 and half weeks. Plus he didn't have to advertise which saved me money and he got a very good price. Mike did exactly what agents are suppose to do. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and if anyone wants to call me as a personal testimonial they are more than welcome to.

    Michael, 04 August 2017


    I was extremely satisfied with the service provided by Jason Atkinson. He just kept on calling to keep in touch with us and even did things like moved furniture for the Photo's. Jason was helpful and polite. You get the feeling with some agents they are just in it to make the sale. But with Jason we really felt he cared about us as people.

    Tina, 03 August 2017


    Is there a level above extremely satisfied? Simon Neilson was absolutely brilliant. He managed to sell the property and to sell it at a good price. No other agent was able to do that and I had it listed with 3 or 4 of them prior to Simon. Simon is very easy to work with and goes the extra mile. This was the second property he has sold for me and I was equally as happy with how he handled the sale of the other property. Simon is head and shoulders above any other agent I have worked with.

    Peter, 28 July 2017


    I liked Brendan Walsh from the moment I met him. I had a few other agents come through as well but Brendan was not full on and was not pushy (unlike the others). He was positive about my property and made me feel he could sell it (which he did!). Other agents did not make me feel confident. Brendan did not pester me. He was only in touch when he needed to be. I liked that. Everything was done smoothly and efficiently. Brendan was cool and professional.

    Leonie, 28 July 2017


    I purchased this property through Eddie a few years ago and sold it through him as well. He had kept in touch with me over the years. Eddie is a genuinely all round nice guy who does the best thing for the client. He is not pushy and not a "hard sell" kind of agent - he is considerate and realistic. Eddie follows things up.

    Delinda, 27 July 2017

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    I couldn't have had a better experience selling. Nola Tully (and her assistant) were excellent. Nola was recommended to me by word of mouth and as soon as I met her I looked no further for an agent. Her interpersonal skills are brilliant. To me interpersonal skills are the most important thing when dealing with an agent. No one could have done better. She was constantly in touch, I didn't have to chase Nola up. Not only was Nola excellent, the services she recommended (like Complete Settlements) were wonderful as well. I would recommend Nola Tully to anyone.

    Lyn, 27 July 2017